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ice cream

We are producers of functional ice cream, developed using innovative processes and biotechnology. Tests developed in our laboratories guarantee innovation and quality. Our target audience are the main distributors of ice cream. Headquartered in Vila Verde, Portugal, we provide products that are considered to be delicious and distinctive, making a difference for innovation, both for its functional character and for its cubic format.

ice cream

made in nature


We want to leverage values ​​such as sustainability and social, corporate and environmental responsibility. We were inspired by organic and sustainable production.


We produce ice cream that provides a healthy pleasure.


Biotechnological research is the basis of the benefits associated with the consumption of our ice cream.


Organic and high quality milk is our raw material, providing all the nutrients necessary to the "pleasure without guilt" and healthy of our ice cream.


Our business strategy relies on a logistics and distribution network of excellence, covering all our markets.


Innovation and quality are our key words.


We intend to foster lasting relationships with our suppliers and distributors, betting on our brand loyalty.


A pleasure without guilt and healthy is our bet. Our ice creams will help to increase well-being and health.


It stands out for its inclusion in an innovative, young and cosmopolitan district.

State of art technology

Flavor, texture, quality, excellence are our goal
along with a strong bet on innovation,
through partnerships with the biotechnology and bioengineering laboratories of the University of Minho.

The Overcoming of Ice Cream

We want to place the ice cream on a new level! More than an ice cream, we sell ice cream that complements the health and well-being of children, youth, athletes and seniors. Check out our business plan and get to know us better.

Vitamins and nutrients added according to the highest quality standards.


Unique ice creams with amazing flavors


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Avenida do Montinho, 9 - Lage
4730 - 244 Vila Verde

Telephone: +351 253 927 769

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